• Lea Richards
    (President of Pig of the Month BBQ)

    Marnie Swedberg is not only a wonderful person, but a leading industry resource and expert on several business topics. She offers invaluable content and actionable items you can actually use and I highly recommend her to you!

  • Lynnette Appling
    (CEO of Christian Women's Network TV)

    Marnie is an incredible woman who has supported me for years. I recommend her heart and expertise to any organization. You will be elated to have her in your corner.

  • Lauren Pibworth
    ( Pibworth Professional Solutions)

    Marnie is both organized and knowledgeable, asking thought provoking questions that are stimulating not only for her audience, but for the interviewee as well: She asked me questions I've never been asked before, and I have been speaking on...

  • Angela Breidenbach
    (Speaker, Author, Coach)

    Marnie is an uplifting leader who inspires women to become and achieve their passion. Her foresight provides excellent topics and training in relevant, easy to understand formats. Marnie's goal is to empower other women and she does that with...

  • Deb Scott, BA, CPC
    (Award Winning Author (Self-Help & Motivation), Top Rated Radio Host (The Best People We Know Show), Speaker, Blogger)

    Think you can't find time to do it all? Then you haven't met Marnie Swedberg! She speaks and teaches with that flavor of fun as only she can do, opening your mind to new possibilities to live your highest passionate purpose. She makes...

  • Sheila Wray Gregoire
    (Author, Speaker, Media Guest)

    Marnie has a passion for equipping women to share their faith--but she combines that passion with an equal dose of practicality! Marnie's listeners, readers and members come away with excitement to expand their ministries, but also the tools...

  • Lisa Rae Preston
    (Brain Pattern Specialist, Speaker & Consultant in Communication, Relationships, Team Building, and Destiny Achievement)

    Marnie is the most organized host trainers I have ever encountered! Her warm engaging style keeps listeners riveted and brings out the best in her guest experts. Her extensive reach and work make her the perfect go-to person for mentoring and...

  • Nicole Alerie
    (Boston, MA)

    Marnie's bright, outgoing personality makes her a pleasure, and her mentoring and training skills are impressive. She is always goal-oriented and able to dissect, manage and train big projects.