1×1 Prayer Coaching – 1st Come, 1st Served


Every office day that I’m not fully booked in media or meetings, I offer one to four, 25-minute sessions for FREE. If you check the schedule and see no openings, it’s because I added any openings for the day sometime in the early morning hours, and they are already taken. Try back another day.

I love one-on-one ministry and am always blown away at how God shows up and transforms lives. I’d love to meet with you!

If you have a specific question, confusion, challenge or prayer concern,  you can qualify to grab one of these openings IF:

  1. You commit to being on time to the private, virtual Google Meet video room for which we’ll provide the link.
  2. You are ready to get free and gain the courage and clarity to move past your point of challenge.
  3. You will practice, in advance, so you can share your situation with me in 3 minutes or less. (We don’t have time for all the details, and less is best for our purposes here.)

Our session will be full of interactive prayer. As we go, you will be introduced to a simple prayer pattern that will equip you to tap into God’s presence, power, and wisdom anytime, anywhere, for any reason, for the rest of your life.

If you need repeat sessions, please prayerfully consider how limited these free spots are, and that there are others who are trying to book one of them, too. Thank you!

*The schedule is tight, so thanks for helping me be on time for my next meeting.

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