The September Featured Speaker Boost

*While we guarantee that an Acquisitions Editor at one of our partner publishing companies will prioritize the review of your edited submission, we cannot, of course, guarantee they will publish it. By engaging one of their favorite editors (from the list below), making her recommended edits to your proposal, and including her name in your first paragraph, you will be in the best position possible for getting a publishing contract. Our prayer is for a BIG YES for YOU!

Select Your Editor


Select Your Editor

Karin Beery


A HUGE thank you to Karin Beery for her help in putting this whole boost together for you. She's bent over backwards and gone above and beyond to help make this possible. Her training on, "How to Become an Editor's Favorite Author" airs on September 2, 2021 and will help insure your submission has the best chance possible. Here is the link for the live and replay of this training:
Watch Here


Thank you to these top-tier editors for partnering with us for this boost. This is an AMAZING price/offer and we are so grateful!

The Acquisition Editors included in Section #3 of this boost have agreed to review your book proposal IF (and only IF) you have one of these trusted editors review/edit your proposal before you send it in using the instructions we provide.

This $99 fee is a bargain for what you're getting, goes directly to your editor, and ensures your proposal will be the best it can be.
SUBMIT YOUR $99 Editor's Fee
sept editorial offer

#3. Guaranteed Consideration by a Partner Publisher.

**Requires Completion of #2**
Upon completion of the edits suggested by your editor from #2, we will provide the list of Acquisition Editors from which you may select one for submission. These editors are employed by traditional publishing houses (vs. self-publishers). You will be provided with your editor's direct email address, the exact email subject line and the exact first paragraph to use to ensure the partner editor knows your submission is part of the Featured Speaker Author Boost. They will be watching for your submission and request at least six weeks turn-around time, but promise to get back to you as soon as possible.

#4. FREE. Amazon Author Page Boost.

This part of the boost is free.

The goal is to motivate you to optimize your AuthorCentral profile, link it up to your preferred social outlet or blog, and then share it with us so we can come support you.

Also, remember to add it to your profile at to increase credibility and sales.

We'll all post our own links on Sept 20-21 and then have the rest of that week to go support/follow each other.

Can't wait to see YOUR Amazon Author Page!
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