This video and workbook will help you know what to expect when you hang out with me! Welcome!

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  • Take the quiz!

  • Question #1. Who's voice makes you feel safe and loved?

  • #2. When you feel loved, and want more, what do you do?

  • #3. Based on what you've heard, who's more loving, God or Jesus?

  • #4. Jesus continually said He was God and came to show us God. Possible?

  • #5. What if Jesus didn't come to save us "from" God, but to introduce us to Him?

  • #6. What are the chances you've heard lies about God's rage or anger? 

  • #7. God has been loving you all along. He is the love you've been waiting for.

  • #8. He longs for a close, personal relationship with you.

  • #9. God is Love. He is One: Father, Holy Spirit & Son. Will you come?

  • #10. YOU are God's idea! You were created in His love.

  • #11. Your YES and all heaven celebrates! Love is calling you. Are you coming?

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