Invite Marnie as a Keynote Speaker for International
Christian Women's, Business & Pastor/Leader Conferences.​
Marnie's international travels are sponsored by U.S. individuals and organizations who are passionate about helping a particular indigenous ministry grow and expand spiritually and numerically. 

Audiences experience deep spiritual growth and freedom, while the host organizations typically uncover hidden opportunities to: 

                 - Increase Ministry Visibility & Credibility
                 - Reframe & Reposition Perspectives for Eternally Rewarding Outcomes
                 - Organizational Prioritize for Maximum Growth & Expansion
                 - Ensure Optimal Communication Before, During & After Outreach Events
                 - Develop Bible-Based Life & Leadership Skills for All Involved​
During her days abroad, Marnie works to train leaders, keynote at conferences, meet with ministry and government officials, potential collaborators, and more. 
Marnie has written and published dozens of songs, many sung around the world via CCLI.

This original song, It's My Honor, is performed by a Nashville worship team and set to photos from several of Marnie's International Conferences.

​Help Sponsor Marnie's Indigenous
​Christian Women's Conferences Worldwide

Donor Team

*Indigenous is from two Latin words: indu = within + gignere = to beget. Most of the missions work described in the New Testament was indigenous in nature. Marnie works with U.S sponsors, who provide direction, prayer and the financial support to keynote at conferences and training events. She travels with a small team to increase the visibility and impact of the local, national or international ministry

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