1×1 Power Up Coaching Package

Let’s get you FREE to go
FULL OUT with Jesus, with

When you are launching a new project, ministry, business, book or other initiative, or are ready to change your mind, habits or perspective, this is the plan for you.

My heart, joy and mission is to get you moving fast-forward toward your God-given goals.

Here’s the process:

  • Complete the coaching intake form.
  • Join me in a virtual meeting room for our 60-minute intake interview.
  • Leave with fieldwork.
  • Schedule follow-up sessions as soon as you complete each fieldwork.
  • Repeat.
  • Close our with a 30-Minute Round-Up Session.

This package includes a 60-Minute Intake Session, 5 Hours of Flexible-Time Sessions (15-, 30- or 60-minutes) plus a 30-minute session at the end.

While I bring my best, including vast experience in multiple fields of interest and growth, to each session, what we’ll always count on God to bring the true value.

I’ve been coaching a long time, and I never leave a session without seeing God show up. I LOVE watching Him power-us-up and send us out with courage and clarity.

As we align our dreams and desires with God’s best for us personally, we get crystal clear, incredibly confident, and able to soar through His next steps, no matter the challenges, and full of joy.

  1. Purchase the package.
  2. Complete and submit the intake form ASAP.
  3. Schedule your 60-minute intake interview where we’ll prayerfully set our mission, vision and goals.
  4. Complete your fieldwork then schedule your next coaching call. (Selecting 15-, 30- or 60-minutes/time)
  5. Repeat.
  6. Schedule your final 30-minute round-up session.

I’m known as a “perspective transformer” and “aha generator” and am SUPER excited to get to invest directly into YOUR life and ministry, one-on-one, to see what God is going to do! Yeah!

Because I’ve been coaching so long time, I can predict some of what you’ll need even before we get started. That’s why this coaching package includes:

  • Over 20 of my favorite coaching, development and management templates.
  • Gift Certificate for 100% OFF my Udemy Course: Outsource with Ease (so you can hire help, at a fraction of the cost, to tackle the tasks you hate or should delegate due to time limitations).
  • My list of favorite outsources including their direct links (so you can hire qualified help fast).
  • 50% OFF any follow-up coaching calls after you complete your package.

I encourage you to take the complimentary Mission/Vision Training and, as you are able, to complete the Success Principles Intensive (SPI) Course. These two programs will radically change how you do life and ministry going forward. Best of all, they will produce the most excellent immediate and eternal results.

Our coaching times together will always include interactive prayer to discover God’s heart for your next steps. Along the way, you will learn to use simple prayers to release God’s wisdom into your conscious mind anytime, anywhere, for any reason, for the rest of your life.¬†Welcome aboard!



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