Flow Through Vessel eVersion

Garbage in, garbage out. Oxygen in, carbon dioxide out. Thoughts in, beliefs lived out. All this and more is happening without your conscious awareness, and it’s affecting your life.

How would you like to have God flow His goodness through you instead of being an unwitting recipient of everyone else’s junk? It’s possible, and it’s available to you! In FLOW THROUGH VESSEL, Marnie Swedberg shares stories, analogies, practical applications, and quizzes to challenge your preconceived ideas about God and His plan for your life.

You’ll emerge equipped to live supernaturally, empowered by God, and funded with His resources. Along the way you’ll discover the benefits of being a flow through vessel for God, the hidden reasons why you may hesitate taking God up on this amazing offer, the exact steps you need to take in order to get hooked up properly, and how to develop the habit of enjoying life as a flow through vessel for God.

​Details. This is a PDF eBook with workbook inside.
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