Jesus, Money, Ministry & Me – Money Mindset Training

Are thoughts, concerns, and desperate prayers about money stealing even one ounce of your energy, brain space, joy, or expansion opportunities?

Let’s get you out of that space and into God’s supernatural peace!

God’s got plenty of money assigned to your account already. There’s enough for you to accomplish every last project He assigns you.

  • There is no lack.
  • No shortage.
  • No lateness.

There are, however, lies from the enemy, that my be holding you back from experiencing the fullness of abundant life in Christ.

This is neither a health, wealth and prosperity message nor is it a poverty message. Jesus was born into a pour family and quickly made rich with gifts including gold.

Be free!

This four-hour, instant access program will move you from lie-based thinking about money directly into Truth, faith, excitement, and peace.

You’ll still feel that “high point of the rollercoaster” tension, but you need not be walking in fear ever again about money.

“There is no fear in Love. Perfect Love casts out fear.” I John 4:18

God is NOT about the money! He’s about the relationship He has with you surrounding the money (and everything else).

Step into freedom!

As soon as you order, you’ll be sent to the webpage with instant access to:

  • The 4 main teaching sessions
  • Editable Word.doc workbook
  • 178 Scriptures About Money, the MP4

Not available anywhere else.

This training is included with the Mentorship Membership. Join HERE.


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