Life Time Membership Buy Out for Vera LeRay Warner

Lock in your Featured Membership for life now for $352.83

Explained: $897 – 544.17 (invested) = $352.83

You are “grandfathered in” at the $897 Life Time rate which has since gone up to $1598. Life Time means: the highest level of promotion and resources we offer with no future payments, ever.

Featured Speakers enjoy:

  • Highest level publicity available
  • 1st in search results
  • Front page promotion for topics and references
  • Inclusion in all outbound promotions
  • Private FB Speaker Boosts

Plus instant and ongoing access to Marnie’s past, present, and future published works and online resources when you partner with this ministry through a Lifetime Membership.

‚ÄčThe membership includes all Marnie’s past, present and future online:

  • Monthly Q&As
  • Monthly Laser Intensives
  • Monthly Online Working Lunches with Marnie
  • Boot Camps, Webinars & Pro Series ($29-$249 each)
  • Success Principles Intensive (SPI) Coach Certification ($997)
  • eBooks (All Marnie’s books in e-Format)
  • If you are a Christian Women’s Event, Retreat or Conference Speaker enjoy the highest level of publicity available at¬†, the largest online directory of Christian Women Speakers in the world since 2002. Your Featured Profile has an annual value of $499,

Note: Life Time refers to the life of Marnie’s online ministry which has been growing since 2002. All online resources and connection opportunities are included. To clarify, on-premise events, one-on-one coaching, and optimization packages are not included, but sold separately. Thank you and welcome also to the Mentorship Program at!

Original price was: $897.00.Current price is: $352.83.

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