Life Time Membership Buy Out for Maggie Rowe

Lock in your Featured Membership for life now for $649.03

Explained: $799 (Sale Price) – $149.97 (invested) = $649.03

Life Time means: the highest level of promotion and resources we offer with no future payments, ever.

Featured Speakers enjoy:

  • Highest level publicity available
  • 1st in search results
  • Front page promotion for topics and references
  • Inclusion in all outbound promotions
  • Private FB Speaker Boosts

Plus instant and ongoing access to Marnie’s past, present, and future published works and online resources when you partner with this ministry through a Lifetime Membership.

​The membership includes all Marnie’s past, present and future online:

  • Monthly Q&As
  • Monthly Laser Intensives
  • Monthly Online Working Lunches with Marnie
  • Boot Camps, Webinars & Pro Series ($29-$249 each)
  • Success Principles Intensive (SPI) Coach Certification ($997)
  • eBooks (All Marnie’s books in e-Format)
  • If you are a Christian Women’s Event, Retreat or Conference Speaker enjoy the highest level of publicity available at, the largest online directory of Christian Women Speakers in the world since 2002. Your Featured Profile has an annual value of $499,

Note: Life Time refers to the life of Marnie’s online ministry which has been growing since 2002. All online resources and connection opportunities are included. To clarify, on-premise events, one-on-one coaching, and optimization packages are not included, but sold separately. Thank you and welcome also to the Mentorship Program at!

Original price was: $1,598.00.Current price is: $649.03.

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