R.E.A.L. Marketing Training with Marketing Personality Test

Overwhelmed? Unclear? Exhausted? No wonder! Marketing madness can leave you frazzled and frustrated.

This 2-hour program is about discovering and embracing God’s ideal marketing plan for you personally. You’ll move from confused to clear and from ineffective to productive.

Marketing is simply the process of inviting people to participate with what God is flowing through your life. When we do this God’s way, we don’t feel slimy, sleezy or sub-spiritual. In fact, it is what God created us to do—to share HIM, through our resources, services, products and programs—with the world.

As we tap into WHOSE you are, HOW you’re built, WHAT turns your crank and WHY it all matters to God, you’ll discover:

·        Why marketing is the #1 financial drain and emotional strain for creatives.
·        Time-saving tactics to free up resources for your most important priorities.
·        How to replace money blocks with a sense of spiritual joy and God-ordained provision.
·        Why you need to flip your “competition” mindset for collaboration.
·        You’ll complete a Marketing Personality Test to reveal a clear path forward that will delight you while inspiring others to want to work with you and/or buy from you.
·        Learn exactly how to pitch like a pro, and why God is calling you do this with confidence, for His glory.

We’ll cover topics like branding, target audiences and avatars, social media and more.

Leave this program with a manageable marketing plan based on your unique situation.

You don’t have to know it all, do it all or be everything to everyone. Just settle into what God has assigned YOU to do and stop climbing the Marketing Mount Everest.

Details: Available as a video training here.
Includes the Marketing Personality Test.
Not available anywhere else.

This training is included with the Mentorship Membership. Join HERE.


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