Scavenger Hunt Handbook eBook

Over 50 Extremely Fun and Easy to Run Relationship Building Hunts.

This eBook is ideal for times when you need to pull together a hunt quickly! While it also contains hunts that require more preparation, most of the hunts in this manual are ready-to-roll including: RULES – LISTS – INSTRUCTIONS – PRIZE IDEAS – and more! 

“I used the book to help generate ideas for a citywide scavenger hunt for one of our LIFE Groups at church. We split up into two teams and collected up to 100 items. Both teams used a different strategy, but amazingly came up with nearly the same amount of points. The book was a great help. Thanks!” Jason Timm, Vancouver, WA. 

​Details. This is a PDF eBook.
Not available in paperback version.          ​

Included in the Mentorship Membership HERE.

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