2:00 -2:10 ET
Expand Your Reach: How to
Host City-Wide Events
Visit Marnie Swedberg
2:10-2:20 ET
Start Where You Are
& Grow with God
Visit Angela Donadio
2:20-2:30 ET
3 Ways to Increase Numbers 
Visit Hannah
Hannah Kolehmainen
Women's Ministry Leader,
Teacher & Director
Click to Visit Hannah Kolehmainen
2:30-2:40 ET
Leading Like Jesus 
Click to Visit
Candace Alcosiba
2:40-2:50 ET 
Address the Myths 
That Hold You & Your Group Back 
Visit Cynthia Martin
2:50-3:00 ET 
Women’s Ministry & Outreach Events Visit Sherry Poundstone
3:00-3:10 ET 
Working with Wounded 
Visit Cheryl Hurley
3:10-3:20 ET 
Be Responsive: 
Prepare In Advance
Visit Kathey Batey
Kathey Batey
Women’s Ministry &
Support Group Leader
Click to visit Kathey Batey
3:20-3:30 ET 
How to Cultivate 
Sisterhood & Grow Connective Tissue Visit Linette Rainville
Linette Rainville
Women’s Ministry Mentor at
Life Church, Buffalo
Click to visit Linette Rainville
3:30-3:40 ET
The Power of Personalities
In Communication
Visit Julene Litke
3:40-3:50 ET 
WM Leader 
Visit Sherril Weiss
Sherril Weiss
Women’s Ministry Mentor,
Wavemakers Life, Plainview, TX
Click to visit Sherril Weiss
3:50-4:00 ET 
Leadership Strategies 
Visit Melissa Kirk
Melissa Kirk
Women's Ministry Director
Click to visit Melissa Kirk
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