Right Tools for Ministry eBook

In this instant-download eBook, Marnie Swedberg shares her seventeen favorite, ready-to-use forms and lists divided into three easy categories:

  • Tools You Need When Working with People To Whom
  • You Will Pay Money (speakers, retreat centers, etc.)
  • Tools You Need When Working with People Who Will
  • Pay You Money (event attendees)
  • Tools You Need When Working With Volunteers & Contributors (planning committees, contributors, local businesses)

Includes: Brainstorming Worksheet, Multiple Ready-To-Copy Sign-Up Sheets, an Interactive Budget Worksheet, a Speaker Worksheet, Conference/Retreat Center Worksheet, numerous sample Retreat Registration Forms, Business Donation Request Templates, and much more!

​Details. This is a PDF eBook.
Not available in paperback version.          ​

Included in the Mentorship Membership HERE.

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