Spiritual Growth: Find the Courage & Clarity to Live Authentic & Free

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“I love this book! I love how it gives readers permission to release any pressure to be ‘right.’ It frees us to enjoy the journey of learning and discovering!” Laura Diehl, Author, Co-Owner of GPS Growth Vision

Experience this new self help book with the included workbook for men and women, providing perspective transformation and spiritual growth based on freedom, authenticity, and love. Experience “aha” breakthroughs as you:

  • Tackle the topics of time, money and love through a spiritual lens that validates your authentic self.
  • Compare religions without feeling compelled, repulsed, confused, or pressured.
  • Adopt spiritual mindsets about habits, addictions, and bodily functions.
  • Feel safe researching spirituality for yourself, without the supervision of biased religious or family supervisors.
  • Identify your religious ideals, hopes, hangups, and non-negotiables.
  • Discover the difference between happiness and spiritual joy. Dissociation vs. soul peace. Religion vs. relationship. Power vs. perversion. Freedom vs. coercion.

Understand yourself and your spiritual options at a whole new level.

Since every religion thinks it’s the best or only one, this spiritual journal provides a safe, non-judgmental, non-religious place for you to explore without needing to ask anyone, especially those whose opinions you know are biased.

“Belief systems, practices, and moral values are topics that intrigue me. I know many of us grapple with this, and we are able to probe further in this fantastic book by Marnie. She touches on these topics in a loving and welcoming way for all of her readers. I strongly recommend this book to all who are seeking to grow and learn, have thought-provoking conversations with others, and add to their repertoire of spiritual armor that guides their path.” Lisa Oddo, Best-Selling Author, Educator, Speaker, Officiant & Collaborator Extraordinaire

There’s no other book like this one. It starts with self-assessment questions written by Marnie as a seasoned spiritual mentor. In the middle, you’ll find a quick overview of the top 20 religions as researched by Marnie in her role as an internationally known spiritual growth leader. In the last section, Marnie Swedberg provides space for you to use as you develop a life-long habit of spiritual growth.

“Powerful. I’ve always learned from Marnie’s unique perspectives about life, spirituality, generosity, collaboration and love. She starts this book with the spiritual answer to feeling lonely, isolated, and without a purpose. I love The Religion Comparison Guide in the back and it’s going to be a regular go-to resource for me. I’m excited to recommend Marnie and her latest book, Spiritual Growth: Courage to Get Real & Clarity to Get Free.” Peg Arnold, Bringing Stories to Life through Drama, Speaking and Writing

Starting with freedom, this book provides the courage and clarity you need to go “all in” toward personal spiritual growth and enjoyment. Like all the best self help books, this spiritual journal for men and women, provides the opportunity for you to move fast-forward toward your goals.

“Wow! Having experienced all the perverted ways of love, I am so thankful that Marnie Swedberg has put together this book to help us find true peace, joy, and real love. The chapter on love is worth the value of the whole book, but read it all.” Debbie Brewer Roth, Speaker, Author, Singer & Cancer Survivor

All self help books affect our relationships, but this one focuses on your spiritual relationships. Beyond a religion book, this book is about your relationship with the deity of your choice. The workbook maximizes your spiritual development potential. Grab this new self help book today.

​Details. This is a PDF eBook.

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