Kitchen Shortcuts. Saving Time and Money in the Minutes You Have eBook

Kitchen-frazzled readers find immediate help and direction in Marnie’s clear, practical, enthusiastic advice. You can definitely save money with this manual, but you can also shave time off your food-related activities while serving great food to your family and friends.

Taught by home economics teachers, tapped into by restaurant owners, and utilized by busy moms, these shortcuts enable you to serve great tasting food, super-fast, and for le$$.

For years, Marnie hosted hundreds of guests per week between her home, restaurant, and espresso café. She enjoys savory tastes, speedy tactics, and stylish presentation, and shares her secret tips with you throughout the pages of this easy-to-read book.

Originally published in 1996, this updated and expanded version contains the best of the best and the new shortcuts Marnie has developed in the interim.

A must-have manual for every kitchen, it is a food management model that has become a movement.

Busy mom and hostess, Nancy Fisher, writes, “This book has changed my kitchen forever! Not just another cookbook, it is a food management system that organizes shopping, storing, and preparing. The strategies are neither complicated nor impractical… This is less a book review and more the divulging of a love-affair with this innovative book. The strategies and time and money saving ideas in this book will affect your whole life.”

Readers send notes like this one from Harriet Suddley. “I bought each of my daughters and daughters in law copies of this book when it first came out. Now I need more copies for my granddaughters.”

From the back jacket: Save Time. Super Busy? These strategies shave hours off your food-related responsibilities. Escaping the kitchen just 10 minutes faster per day will yield 2.5 days of free time this year. You want this!

Serve Family Meals. Now you can serve balanced meals on even the busiest days while teaching your kids health-building ways. Drive by the drive-thrus, take control of your time, and save money and health by serving meals you love.

Save Money. It is super easy to save money on food while also saving time. If you invest $30 of your weekly grocery savings, you’ll have $10,000 saved up in just five years. You need this!

Entertain Guests. Are you 100% ready to host unexpected guests anytime? Do you want to feel more confident inviting friends for meals, parties, or overnight stays? Feel prepared, look like a pro, and enjoy entertaining from this day forward.

​Details. This is a PDF eBook.
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