Time & Life Management Webinar

There IS time to do everything God wants you to do! Learn how to think about your time, make decisions, quit procrastinating, and achieve your God-given goals. Two Hour, Online Seminar including MP3, slides, and a downloadable Word.doc workbook.


​Introduction & Overview
God is the Ultimate Time Manager: perfect in perspective, plans, resources and timing. Doing life with God at the helm yields eternally perfect results – even though our part of the equation is often far from perfect.

Life Prioritization Project
Learn how to align your life, time, relationships and routines with God’s best for you and emerge with a clearly defined personal plan.

Procrastinate No More
These word pictures will help you overcome some of your irksome areas of procrastination.

Time Management
Understand how a good schedule works and how it can help you maximize your minutes. This strategy is also an excellent tool to use when helping your children learn how to manage their time.

Create a Master Schedule
Keep it all organized, one way or another. Ideas to help.

Paper Management
You are going to love this paper management system which
allows you to organize your mail, email, paperwork and projects in just minutes/day.

Tap Into Creative Solutions
Pressure lock got you down? This 30-second approach will free you up to enjoy God’s creativity in the moment.

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