Outsource with Ease

Save Big Time & Money Hiring Outsourcers Who Get Stuff Done with the Udemy Course.

Discover the exact system and success strategies that have allowed this instructor to work with 250+ international outsourcers through Upwork.

If your project can be delivered digitally, it’s outsourceable.

The reasons many people don’t outsource include:

  • It’s new and confusing
  • Hard to find good help
  • Takes too long
  • Swamped by too many applications (mostly unqualified)
  • Outsourcers did not show up, measure up, or produce quality work
  • Paid too much for too little

Grab this fast, effective, and easy-to-understand course now for Marnie’s super-simple success strategies.

Mismanaging staff is the fastest way to entrepreneurial death by a thousand cuts. If you have just two people, at $20/hour, wasting just one hour per day, you’re down $10K in a year.

Outsourcing allows you to hire for the exact work you need done while having a team of multi-talented providers available right when you need them.

Marnie’s all-time team hourly pay rate averages $7.35/hour. She’s hired outsourcers who have worked for under $5 per hour (one currently working at $3.50) and others over $100 (for expert consultants).

This course explains how to:

  • Think about rates, pricing, and personnel
  • Create job posts in 10 minutes flat
  • Hire highly qualified people who are excited to work when you need them

By using Marnie’s exact method (and cheat sheets), you’ll find qualified, vetted, available outsourcers in minutes.

This is pure gold.

This course is not about how to manage or troubleshoot, it’s about how to find help fast. It will take you from not-outsourcing, to outsourcing with ease, in 2 hours flat.

In Section I you’ll discover WHY you need to delegate tasks to outsources including:

  • Ideal projects for outsourcing
  • Which projects only you should do and why

Section II explains:

  • The benefits of hiring through Upwork versus any other platform
  • The easiest, fastest way to hire (Marnie’s speed strategies)
  • The two ways to hire freelancers on Upwork

Section III covers:

  • Why you can save big money outsourcing to other countries
  • What you need to know about outsourcing internationally
  • How to think about the money discrepancy between cultures
  • Marnie’s easy-to-use template to help you find ideal outsourcers starting as low as $5/hour

In Section IV you’ll be introduced to:

  • The exact process to use when recruiting outsourcers through Upwork
  • The key to finding quality freelancers fast
  • How to test drive skills and performance before fully committing
  • How to create job posts in less than 10 minutes

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